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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vila Admissions Ceremony: November 2009

Collins Gesa as Master of Ceremonies makes a point on process with Dr Maurer and Dr Bayer.

Nicholas Godden presents John Wicks with a gift for his role of Set Advisor.

Mr Ben Leeshi, Director of Customs Department participates in the ceremony in support of his two team members.

VIP Guests (L/R) Mr Roy Obed Acting Director General - Education, Mr Narrand Jag Beerbul, Director of Corporate Services, Department of Education, Mr Kanam Wilson, Acting Secretary, Public Services Commission, Mr Augustine Garae, First Political Advisor to the Minister of Finance and Ms Paulette Carcassis.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2009 Graduation Newspaper Article

Ambassador Joy attends ni-Vanuatu scholars graduation in Oxford, UK.

Click here to view the newspaper article (PDF).

2009 Graduation Congregation

This year's Graduation Congregation was held 5th September 2009 at The Examination Schools - East Writing School, Oxford, England. The Graduation Ceremony took place in the afternoon and was followed by Graduation Dinner at New College, Oxford.

Graduation Dinner.

In front of the tree used in the Harry Potter films (New College).

Dr Hans Maurer, IMCA CEO talking with Donald and Andrew.

Associates Learning Forum.

Andrew explains a learning experience at Associates Learning Forum.

At New College before walking to the Examinations Schools.


Mrs Joy snaps Litiana with Ambassador Joy.

In robing room, ready to go: Andrew Napuat, Davina Tosusu, HE Roy-Mickey Joy - Vanuatu Ambassador to the European Community, Prof John Wicks, Donald Pelam, Litiana Chillia, Collins Gesa.

Informal snap: Kathryn Foulkes-Baker (Deputy Registrar), Jo Denby (Faculty), HE Roy- Mickey Joy, Mrs Shirley Joy, Davina Tosusu, Litiana Chillia and Mrs Crismon Ala.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recent Events - Startup Tafea Province

Prof Dick Hicks, the External Examiner from Bond University in Queensland chats VIVA candidates and others on Friday 27 March 2009.

DOKA Group Seth Kaurua (Leader); Komie Rodger (Secretary); George Samuel; Johny Nausien; Samson Hiwa; Steve Dan.

The startup group in Santo taken on 30 January 2009.

Sub Set: Tanna Revans
Jimmy Joe (Chairman); Donald Gideon (Secretary); Jeffrey Ruben; Teremy Corowa; Kuau Moses Rene.

Three sub sets make up the first group from Tanna in the Tafea Province of Vanuatu.

The group coordinator is Thomas Beldin. Sub S: YASUR. Allan Dan (Leader); Daniel Kaio (Sectretary); Emily Niras; Bruno Kehma; Freeman Gulu; Thomas Seth.

Tafea #1. Discovering the power of Google.

Thomas Beldin (Co-ordinator) offering advice.